3 bad skin habits we all have (but can change)

Bad skin habits are easy to pick up and even easier to ignore. Here are three that we all have (whether we admit it or not!), and how to change them.

Bad skin habits are all too easy to fall into. You know how it is, life gets busy, you're tired and distracted. Everything and everyone else needs your attention first. The next thing you know, your skin is looking worse than ever. Dark circles, dehydration, breakouts, dry patches, flakiness... sound familiar? As we come into winter, all of these can be exacerbated, so now is the time to start tackling them in earnest.

Lacklustre skin is usually a sign that we need some TLC and sometimes that can come in the simplest forms. Often we'll reach for a quick fix mask or exfoliator to help (which they can, in the short term). But ask yourself, is it a case of bad skin habits coming back to bite you in the bum? Here are three that we all have, and how to change them.

bad skin habits

Not drinking enough water

It's such a simple thing, but one that most of us struggle with. If only you could replace water with coffee, eh? I'd probably win a gold star if that was the case. Unfortunately, though, it's good ol' fashioned water that our body needs to stay hydrated.

The recommended amount is eight glasses a day. Which can be easier said than done. A top tip I learned years ago was to drink a pint of water first thing in the morning. This helps to clear your system at the start of the day and in turn, leads to brighter, clearer skin. If you find it difficult (or boring) to drink water, try swapping to herbal teas such as camomile or peppermint.


Not sleeping enough

As bad skin habits go, this is the one most of us are guilty of. The recommended amount of sleep for adults is between six to eight hours a night. But try saying that to someone who has a toddler, or is stressed about work, or up to their eyeballs with to-do lists. The truth is, we are all stressed about something, and when we are, our skin shows it.

Sleep helps us in so many ways, from repairing our bodies and skin to organising our minds. Dedicating time to sleep might be something you have to force yourself to do, but in the end you'll see the results.

sleeping mask

Poking at spots

Poking and squeezing spots is one of the first bad skin habits a lot of us pick up.  Admittedly, it's incredibly hard to resist. The main problem as we get older, though, is that the type of blemishes we get are different to teenage spots. They're often deeper in the skin, which means poking at them can make them far worse. Also, our skin doesn't bounce back and heal in quite the same way. To quell the urge to poke, try using blemish dots (they're brilliant!), or spot zapping salicylic acid to dry it out.


Are you guilty of these bad skin habits too?

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