"For Hands That Do Dishes"

If, like me, you don't own a dishwasher, then a good pair of rubber gloves and lashings of handcream swiftly become your friends. I routinely forget to don the gloves, and when I do I regret it because then my hands smell of mouldy latex for hours afterwards.

So handcream is the future for me. Like practically all other beauty products I have ever tried, it's been a long process of purchasing, trying, dashed hopes. Repeat to fade.

So what have been my most recent handcream purchases?

Vichy Lipidose Mains (€7.95)
'Concentrated care for chapped hands with re-fibryl'. Re-wha'? Used with my gloves o' moisture, this works pretty well. Not amazingly well, it has to be said, but pretty well. Everytime I put the gloves on, my boyfriend laughs and says 'Hi Minnie'. Maybe I should wear them with my Marcel Marceau mime style moisturising socks and really blow his mind.


Nivea Hand Moisture Boost Gel Cream (€4.09)
RUBBISH. Thin and watery, about as effective as not using anything at all. Next!

Dove Protective Hand-Balm (about €4ish)
Another disappointment. Not as bad as the Nivea one, but also not very good. As in, no discernable effects. What so ever.

The hunt continues.

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