We have found a seriously good red lipstick for only €4.50

Christmas is a time for fun, parties and evenings out, and what better way to look the part than picking up a new red lipstick.

When it comes to changing up your makeup look in a quick yet effective way, there is nothing easier than popping on a red lipstick.

With red lipstick, the most important thing to look for is the colour. A blue toned red lip is always the most flattering. The reason for this is that the cool tone brightens up your skin and makes your teeth look whiter - exactly what you want when it comes to a quick and easy Christmas look on the go.

There are plenty of really good red lipsticks out there - who can ignore MAC's Ruby Woo and this one from NARS is amazing. But what if you want to try red lip without the financial commitment. Or if you're home for Christmas and left your favourite red lippy behind? Well, you're in look because Catrice have done it again with this fab red lipstick.



Catrice Ultimate Colour Lipstick €4.50

The colour is fantastic and hugely complementary to Irish skin tones. The colour pay-off is so great and the product lasts and lasts so you will hardly need to top-up.

My top tip for wearing a red lipstick is to dust your foundation sponge or brush over your lip area with what is left on your brush. Then apply your lip liner all over the lip and apply a light coating of powder. Then apply your lipstick. The layers will help it stay all day long.

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