Gas! Gwyneth Paltrow: blonde hair hindrance to fun. Boring brunettes slip under radar. WHAT?!


Are you a plain, dowdy brunette?  Do you find that no one ever notices you?  REJOICE!  For Gweneth Paltrow reckons that YOU, yes YOU, even though you're a poor source of eye candy, can actually have MORE fun.

Because you slip under the radar (I know, me neither) and presumably no one even notices or cares when you slide drunkenly under the table, or even dance atop it of a night out.  They're too busy being spell bound by your fair haired sisters?  Or something.


In this recent interview with Stylist Magazine, Goop (for that is how the whole world now refers to Mrs Coldplay), managed to hack off even more people, if that's possible.


"Gwyneth finished by dispelling the myth that blondes have more fun. The naturally fair actress says in fact being golden haired can be a hindrance to your enjoyment rather than help.

“I don’t understand the whole idea of blondes having more fun. I’d say brunettes have more fun as they can go under the radar a little bit more,” she laughed. “People are just waiting for blondes to get drunk and fall down, because we’re so visible.”

If there were a scale of irritating people Goop has surely managed to score very highly indeed - she drives people insane in the membrane.  She's constantly getting herself into hot water - the latest row has blown up over whether she keeps the chislers Apple and Moses on her own faddy diet and doesn't let them eat grains or dairy.    I don't know if that's true or not, Goop denies it and even says she goes so far as letting them have - stop the lights- an occasional Oreo.

These brunette remarks, though (presumably) lighthearted and off the cuff, were a teeny bit stupid and patronising.

You've heard of light touch regulation?  Well Gwyneth seem to have a light touch on reality sometimes and can come across as really annoying.  Really really annoying.  In between giving advice that lobster makes a simple easy supper and  the best place to get a bikini wax in Paris, Goop has now kindly granted brunettes with a get out clause for bad behaviour.


No one notices us.  I for one am deeply wounded.

And I don't know where that leaves you redsers.

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