Get A Grip On Dior's Helmet Hair

helmet head

Bobby pins, kirby grips, hair grips - whatever you call these humble little things, they are finally having their day in the sun if Christian Dior's AW 2009/10 catwalk was anything to go by. (And, of course, it usually is. Eh-hem.)

While a few of them are usually worn to hold unruly strands in place as unobtrusively as possible, Dior used shedloads of them on models to fashion helmet hair creations that wouldn't look out of place atop a Terminator T-800.

For a more wearable, non-robot take on the Rise Of The Kirby Grip, look to Diane Kruger. At the premiere of Inglorious Basterds in Berlin, while Rihanna was relying on hairspray and a prayer to keep her quiff in check, Ms. Kruger opted for an effortless-looking wavy do - so far, so elegant and maybe a weeny bit boring? - that was toughened up with the addition of a few haphazardly placed grips through the front section.


diane kruger

That wasn't her first flirtation with grips, though: earlier this year she was snapped sporting an intricate side curl, held in place with some trusty white kirby grips which managed to ape a finger wave at the same time.

More suited to most of our daily lives than the Dior versions... particularly if you have cause to be around any magnets!

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