What is going on in Kylie Jenner's lip gloss music video?

It's been viewed over a million times already and it's probably going to be viewed ten trillion times more, not by Kylie / Kardashian / Jenner fans (although they'll obviously make up a significant portion), but by academics of all disciplines trying to work out what the hell it's all about.

The core message is clear as the purifeid water Kylie probably bathes in every morning and night; Kylie has new lip shades and you should buy them! They are 'Like', 'Literally', 'So Cute'. Literally.

But what is the point of this Kylie led vehicle? The plot of the video (with music by Glosses by Kylie Jenner, whatever that means) is Kylie and her girl gang carring out some sort of gloss deal in the middle of a hot American desert. Kylie's job is to lounge around in her luxury car, wearing a Louis Vuitton head scarf, and later, an inexplicable huge heavy coat.

Watch it, and we'll discuss.



Why did they throw the money away? Why? Is it because Kylie knows she'll make a fortune when her glosses hit stores, or through all those trillions of people watching the video?

And, are they any good. Swatches!

Swatches @kyliecosmetics link in bio

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What do you think? Is this the future of advertising? Do you suddenly have a craving for celebrity lip gloss?

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