Halloween special: Jack White

jack whiteGentlemen: we've been leaving you out of the celeb Halloween costume makeovers. And for that we'd like to apologise. To make it up to you, we're bringing you this once in a lifetime opportunity, exclusive to beaut.ie: make yourself up Jack White style.

Now, we were undecided about which male celeb to choose. Michael Jackson? Too obvious. Jack L? Too obvious. Both international figures of fun anyway. But Jack White? I hesitated -I love his music, have all his CDs. But to hell with it, he is ridiculous looking and perfect for a Halloween costume.

Step One: the White face. Of course. Easy peasy. Some of your grannys Tweed talc will do the job nicely. Or failing that some of the Odlums in the press. Dampen down your face a bit, it should all adhere nicely and give you the sought after pallor of the undead.

Step two: the weird eyemakeup. It's the yellow colour of old bruises you're going for here. Whatever makes you look as strange and unhealthy as possible. Make sure to put it under your eyes as well. As badly applied as possible please.

Step 3: the lips. A hint of gloss is what you need here. Don't foget the scary smirk, you will need to have that constantly gracing your face to carry off this costume convincingly.


Step 4: the hair. I can't do anything to help you out here. You must have limp shoulder length coal black locks with more than a hint of grease. Or borrow a wig.

Step 5: moustache. Optional - see how you feel on the 31st and draw it on if you want to ring the changes with your look.

Now you too will be too weird looking to sit beside your half starved girlfriend Renee at the Oscars.

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