Have you seen our 10 most popular stories of the week?

It may be humid and gross outside but we're looking past that to autumn/winter and all the treats that are in store for us, including hats, gloves and shoes (which you can never have enough of).

Let's dive in.


1. Pippa O’Connor wears the shoes we’ll be wearing this autumn
Get them before they're gone.

2. Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs trial: The results are in

3. 3 foundations ideal for girls on the run
Okay ladies now let's get some foundation...

4. SQUEEEE! Have you seen the make up brand that’s coming to Debenhams?
We're deeeeee-lighted.


5. Argos Ireland's 20th anniversary celebration
We can still remember the first time we visited it.


6. Why the internet is going completely crazy for this tote bag
This bag solves so many problems.

7. Arnotts Autumn Winter 2016 Womenswear Show
A/W glam is here.

8. 3 hard-working, wonder products you’ll find in a pro make up artist’s kit
Superhero products to save the day.

9. The top five tips for acing Ladies’ Day
No horsing around.


10. How to do your own manicure in five minutes flat
Pro tips for speed demons.

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