Horrible Hooves: Foot Miracle Transforms Even My Gross Feet

My feet are tricky to maintain. It's a combination of running, weird bashed-looking toes and good old-fashioned neglect. The heels are constantly rough and there are callouses forming on my callouses.

So when I saw this tube of Foot Miracle I was intrigued, because a miracle was exactly what I needed, and nothing short.


The tube is a nice big sturdy and practice white one, with the words 'Practitioners Strength' emblazoned across the top. ‘Practitioners of what?’ You may well ask; practitioners of bloody miracles is what!

I've been slathering this stuff on of an evening while I potter around the house. (I know the old trick of going to bed with socks on but I REFUSE to sleep in socks, even in sub-zero temperatures I find it TOO CREEPY FOR WORDS).


It's a really thick, menthol-y foot cream that contains urea, glycerin, coconut and soya bean oil. Plus its got no mineral oil or petroleum. Anyway it really has been doing wonders for the hooves! They're softer, smoother, and easier to file and buff back into the shape of human feet. Fantastic.

Foot miracle works... wonders, I can’t recommend it enough. It's €12.95 and available from pharmacies nationwide!

Has anyone else got great hoove-improving tips? And can you stomach sleeping in socks? *Shudder*

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