How to Get Cheryl Cole's Blonde Hair With L’Oréal Paris Perfect Blonde & Casting Crème Gloss 8304


Love, loathe (or not have any particular interest in her), there's no denying Cherdiddle Cole's had a bit of a rough ride recently.

And what do we do when we've had a really crap auld time? We have a makeover - so right in time for her 28th birthday the Girls Aloud singer went back to blonde and yep, the pix have been across the tabloids the past few days, but the burning question is what did she use?

Well, number one, she wasn't bent over the bath getting neck-strain and hoping for the best like the rest of us when we tangle with box dyes: nope, Cheryl had professional help in the form of styling and colour experts Lisa Laudat and Amie Wilson who worked their cutting and colour magic.

A L'Oreal Paris product was called into play of course - what with her being a face of the brand - and it was Casting Crème Gloss in shade 8304, €10.99. The brand is calling her new look the 'smokey quartz'.


But with hair as dark as hers, you can't just lash on the colour and hope for the best - Cheryl's hair was also pre-lightened before the Casting Creme Gloss product went on with L’Oréal Paris Perfect Blonde, which is a first step you use before adding back in a lighter dye shade if your hair colour is darker.

So what do you think? Can she wash the US X Factor debacle out of her hair now or is her new shade a little off-colour? Perhaps you're just sick of the sight of her now and couldn't care less if she shaves it all off and shoves off to the moon?

To the comments!

Cheryl pic credit: the Mirror

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