How To: Gwyneth Goes G(l)oopy on the Tonight Show

baby oil

Poor auld Gwyneth: she just can't catch a break. If the papers aren't calling her an ice maiden then they're reporting accounts of fictional marriage strife, and now the new thing is to lay into her for Goop, her newish lifestyle mailshot which goes out weekly.

Extolling the virtues of mung beans, meditation, expensive shoes and living a good life, it's really raised commenters' hackles for its (apparent) lofty assumption that we can all afford what she recommends. Yes, bad timing on the launch, with the US and global economies tanking, but all you have to do to avoid Gwyn's words of wisdom is to either un-sub from the newsletter, or never sign up in the first place. Simples!

Now she's making headlines again for - gasp - having oily legs on the state-side Tonight Show. It looks like she overdid it a bit with the leg shine and that reflected off the studio's lights, giving her reflective calves. Major crime, eh? During an ad break, the offending slick was wiped down and when the cameras rolled again, her legs were back to normal.


While Gwyneth's take was a bit OTT, this is a look well-favoured of models and the sleek-of-shin - so how do you go about getting it? With a tan, this can look great, and the simplest - and cheapest - option is plain old-fashint Johnson's Baby Oil. A couple of quid at the supermarket, you just lash a little onto legs, smooth it in and off you go - immediate glam gams.

Another DIY trick is to mix some copper shimmer or bronzer with the oil for night-time sparkle and a bit of coverage, but the beauty bizz wouldn't rest easy until it came up with some more ways to part us from our money. Last year we highlighted Pretty Polly and Michael Kors' leg shine products, and if you've got a fave way to highlight legs, let us know in a comment!

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