James Nesbitt gets a new head of hair: is refreshingly honest about the whole procedure

Spot the difference: James in 2006 and earlier in the week

John Travolta, Elton John, Ed Norton, Nicholas Cage, Jude Law, Brendan Fraser, Mel Gibson, Kevin Costner, Bono, David Beckham... They've all had hair transplants or been strongly rumoured to have had them done.

It's a fact of life that men lose their hair. It's actually a terrible fact of life. If I were a man and lost my hair I would be down the clinic booking myself in for a hair transplant as soon as I'd robbed a bank to pay for it. And if I was an actor or a singer, whose career depended on my looks and I had bucketloads of cash anyway, it would be a no brainer

Bald as a coot Belfast actor James Nesbit is one of those men who is covered with a luxurious pelt, everywhere but on his head. Hairy chest, shoulders, eyebrows, sprouting out of his nose, (and I would hazard a guess) a nice hairy bum. However male pattern baldness had seen to it that there there was not a scrap on his head.

"Anyone who says it doesn't get them down is lying" he says.


James recently unveiled a new look and with disarming honesty told us that it was all down to the two transplants he'd had at the Hair Transplant Clinic in Blackrock (watch his testimonial here). So even better - he most likely got paid to get his transplants done and got them for free too.

Way to go James!

What do you think of the whole hair transplant business? Think men should just accept the inevitable and think hair transplants look ridiculous? Or are you in firm favour of the whole hair makeover process?
Thoughts please!

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