Jared Leto Goes for the Chop: Is That Jordan Catalano We See?

*Sighs* He's never going to be able to pull off the bumbag look now...

Just like Cheryl (JUST like Cheryl, only in Leto's case it's to promote a film), Jared has snipped his trademark locks and we're just expected to carry on as normal. You'd think their people could've conferred so we didn't have to deal with two extreme losses in 24 hours. 

Jared's warning came via the director of his new film, The Suicide Squad, one David Ayer. Leto is playing The Joker, and unlike Ledger's incarnation, Ayer's Joker has short hair. 

Just like Cheryl, the director posted the following image featuring scissors via social meedja yesterday...


And, just four short hours of shearing later, Leto's new look was launched...

Mind you, we can still a spark of Jordan Catalano in there so maybe all will be well.

Now, who's going home to cut their hair?

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