Jessica Alba Gets New Hairdo: Meh. Me No Likey*


Admittedly, I'm not sure that my thoughts on Jess's hair will exactly have her losing sleep or sobbing hysterically into her pillow at night, but I don't like the new do. (See, I'm getting my own gruaig done on Saturday so I've been busy obsessing about keeping a close eye on hair happenings this week.) For starters, what's with the vaguely two-tone dip-dyed lookin' colour? Don't get me wrong, I'm all for cool and unusual hair colouring, but the lack of contrast between the hues here makes this look like an an accident to me.

Yeh, the cut's alright, but it's not setting my world on fire - although that might be because I'm in shopping-for-new-hair mode and I know that this would look unspeakably flat and boring and nerdy on me...


* And with that puss, it looks like she no likey either!

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