Kaley Cuoco says 'goodbye to Penny' - gets long extensions

She's not the first TV starlet to completely change her look once filming ends (here's looking at you, Ariel Winter and Sarah Hyland). Last time, she chopped all her hair off, leaving her with a LOB. This time around, she's opted for a long look.

Posting to her Instagram last night, she said: "It's very important for me to change my look after wrapping each season :) I love playing Penny , but it's good for me to bring it back to Kaley. last year I chopped it all off- this year I'm doing the opposite. With the extension master @faye.woods .... Stay tuned! (Can't wait to read all the negative comments lol)."


And to the finished look... It's Penny from a couple of seasons ago! All joking aside, we're fans of the longer look.

End result ! Baby's got her hair back :) thank you @faye.woods

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Have you ever embraced extensions to radically change your look? Any recommendations?

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