Kat Von D's almost unrecognisable after dramatic hair transformation

When I die, they will write on my tombstone "Here lies Andrea, divil for coffee and died wondering what to do with her hair."

I grow my hair long for months, nay, years on end and when I eventually get it to the length I want, I immediately chop it back up again. It's like I have yo-yos growing out of my head.

And Kat Von D's new bob is doing nothing to ease my scissors-y mind. Well, there's always the possibility that her new look could be a wig, those celebs are always putting new hair on their heads. But two recent pictures on her Instagram would seem to indicate that she's gone for a bob.

And the crimper from 1986.

And for a new hair colour that Nicole Scherzinger would describe as hot tamale.


kleen kut ??? [everlasting liquid lipstick: #SantaSangre red by @katvondbeauty]

A photo posted by Kat Von D (@thekatvond) on



? ?: @valleyeyewear ?: @katvondbeauty Lolita II

A photo posted by Kat Von D (@thekatvond) on


Pale skin, black hair and a strong lip was her signature look up until now; is it time to welcome a new-look Kat Von D?


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