Katy Perry Pops 26 Supplements A Day: What's In Your Bathroom Cabinet?

In what may be the most ridiculous lyric of all time, Katy Perry revealed that she sometimes feels like a plastic bag. No indication of whether ‘twas a flimsy one like we put the loose potatoes in, or a stronger and ladybird decorated one, but either way it sounds like a crap sensation.

In an effort to combat her apparent crinkly manifestation, she told Us Weekly in a recent interview, “I’m all about the supplements.” Apparently Katy pops 26 vitamins and pill concoctions a day and even posted a picture on her Twitter account, showing her capsule collection.

Suffices to say it is an impressive haul.

Katy Perry and her vitamin-y goodies Katy Perry and her vitamin-y goodies

We know that getting our daily nutrients is essential for work, rest and play. But when our diet consists more of Mars bars than mung beans, what are we doing to balance it out?

Perfectil was the supplement of choice for a while, despite some positively hairy revelations.

I had a look at my own daily supplements and health hits, and the list is actually longer than I would have initially thought.


Daily Health Hits Daily Health Hits
  • I start every day with a cup of hot water and lemon. I make it while I am still half-asleep and my hair is sticking up on my head - sometimes I can’t remember if it was a citrus-y dream or reality and I might even have two.
  • After a bout of food poisoning, my doctor recommended taking Actimel to get some good bacteria into my digestive system. I have kept to this routine and imagine it’s like a tiny bug version of The Gathering in my tummy.
  • Organic flaxseed is always sprinkled on cereal or into salads.
  • Vitamin B complex is the single supplement that has made the biggest difference to my energy levels. I struggle to absorb it naturally so this is my daily essential.
  • Vitamin C sits on my desk, waving it’s little orange hands at me (if I've been at the self-tan, sometimes I can wave mine back). Chewable, dissolvable or plain old capsule form, doesn’t matter. And I up the dose if I feel a pesky cold on my nasal horizons.
  • Milk thistle makes me feel like I am at one with the God of Health. Then I remember it has often saved me from the Devil of Hangover so I continue my daily worship.
  • Evening Primrose Oil is popped before bed - it can make me feel a bit queasy if I take it during the day.

This echinacea ice cream isn't half bad. This echinacea ice cream isn't half bad.

Katy has had Russell Brand and now has John Mayer in her life, so she knows a thing or two about unsavoury life forms. Maybe that explains her comprehensive routine.

Mine is a little less rigorous and I punctuate it with vats of espresso. It’s my stand against puritanism.


What supplements or vitamins do you take? If you could recommend just one, what would that be? Or do you try to get your quota from your diet alone? To the comments and to a healthier lifestyle!

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