Did you know this unwritten rule for choosing a fringe?

There is an unwritten rule about fringes that you may not have heard before. So if you're thinking about getting the chop, consider this tip first.

Everybody needs a change sometimes and where better to start than with your hair?

We all love a new haircut. It's like therapy. It starts with the experience of going to your favourite salon and being pampered for a while.

Then you have the big reveal at the end. Whether it's a dramatic cut or a colour change or trying out a new trend, it makes you feel like a new woman, a new you when you leave.

However, as with any massive change, there is always a risk involved. There's always the risk that you will leave the hairdressers crying, with a hairstyle that only time will heal.

So to avoid this situation at all costs, you need to check yourself before you commit to bangs. There is an unwritten rule about fringes that will help you to make the big decision.

We call this the four finger rule. The measure of four fingers in length from hairline to eyebrows is the perfect size for a fringe.

If you can fit four of your fingers in this gap you basically have the perfect sized forehead for some fringe action.


You can pretty much choose any fringe style that you'd like and you'll be able to work it. Jennifer Lopez has the perfect face for a fringe.


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As with anything, there are always exceptions to the rule. You can still have a fringe if you don't have room for four fingers.

If you don't have the 'ideal' four finger forehead you can still have a fringe-esque hairstyle.

Opt for some bangs instead of a full on fringe. They will be softer on your face and won't swamp a short forehead.


Have you had any hair disasters that could only be healed by time?

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