5 new hairstyles to consider for 2019

The new year is a time of new beginnings and reinvention. And what better way to change up your look than with a new hairstyle?

The new year is usually the time when we all decide to behave ourselves. Or at least try to undo some of the excesses of Christmas. Nobel intentions abound. It's out with booze, on with the running shoes! Hide the biscuits, chuck out the cheese and replace them with salad and healthy juice drinks. Oh, and let's not forget about kickstarting our skincare routine again.

There's something cathartic about the new year, and the idea of new beginnings. Changing your hair has a similar sense to it. It could be a simple as getting a few highlights to liven your look, or as dramatic as chopping it into a pixie crop. How much you change is down to you. Either way, if you're thinking 'new year, new you' for 2019, here are some gorgeous styles to inspire you.

Honey Highlights

Warm, naturally sun-kissed hair is perfect for beating the winter blues. The soft tones of honey help to give texture to brunette locks without drying them out, and as a bonus will bring out naturally blue and brown eyes too.

Sharp Fringe

There's nothing quite like a freshly cut fringe to make you feel like a new you. From slightly rounded edges to a razor-sharp blunt cut, there are a host of styles to choose from to frame your eyes beautifully.

The Lob



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The Lob or 'long bob' became the most popular style of 2018 and there's no sign of it losing its crown in 2019. It's easy to manage, can be styled in different ways and perhaps most importantly, has enough length to be tied up into a ponytail.

Long Fringe

For those who find the idea of a fringe absolutely terrifying, there's a middle ground. Long fringes help to frame your face and eyes. But similarly, can be pinned back or swept to the side when you don't want to deal with them.

The Crop

If you want a dramatic transformation then maybe, it might be time to consider a crop. These work especially well for anyone with textured or curly hair. But the beauty of a great cut is that it will be versatile and can show off your face in an entirely different way.


Will you be changing up your look for 2019?

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