Is Redken Pillow Proof the secret to a perfect blow-dry?

Primers: we use them underneath our foundation, but have you ever used one for your hair?

Redken thinks you should, and so has launched its new Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express Treatment Primer. The theory behind it is that your hair, like your skin, can benefit from some added protection and nourishment, ultimately making it easier to style and then prolong the life of said style as well.

When you think about it, it all makes sense doesn't it?

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Redken Pillow Proof Express Treatment Primer cream RRP €23

Pillow Proof offers seven styling and hair care benefits including:

  • Heat protection (up to 230 degrees celsius)
  • Reduction in blow dry time
  • Holds style longer
  • 3 x stronger and healthier hair
  • Anti-breakage formula
  • Treats dryness
  • Suits all hair types

All sounds very promising. But before I get started on how the formula performed, I probably should give the disclaimer that overall, my hair is poker straight, and dries quickly, without much need for styling to look passable on a daily basis. I do, however, have a fringe, which requires attention especially considering within it lies a cowlick that has a mind of its own, and chooses to behave, (or not behave) as and when it likes.

This cowlick was my main barometer in terms of checking how well my "style" was retained after being put to the pillow (aka sleep) test.

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Suki Waterhouse for Redken - pics via

As with most hair styling products, the trick with this is to not use too much; however, I wanted to see what it felt like "over-using" it, so that I could report back. To use a Jamie Oliver-ism, the answer is claggy. The correct amount is a 50 cent coin size, or 2 pumps of the cream, applied to damp hair, and brushed through for an even distribution of product.

Then, you can blow dry and style as normal. When applied correctly, it didn't feel like there was anything in my hair at all, which I particularly like because my hair is fine, so is easily weighed down.


I have to be honest and say that I didn't see a huge different in how long it took to blow dry my hair, which is one of the major claims about Pillow Proof, but as I said, mine dries really fast anyway. I did notice, however, that overall, my hair behaved impeccably the days I used it. This means I've had a "good hair day" for the past ten days or so, including my fringe, which is currently in need of a cut, so is in its most temperamental state. It also passed the pillow/sleep test, helped along with a little dry shampoo in the morning. For me, it's a winner, but I'd be interested to hear how people with thicker/curlier/wavy hair get on too.

Would you use a hair primer? Or does it sound a bit gimmicky?

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