Picture Guide: How to cut your own fringe in 3 easy steps

Norma-Jean O’Reilly, Senior Stylist at Brown Sugar, South William Street gives us a three-step guide to cutting your fringe

If you Google search ‘low-maintenance hair trends’ you’ll receive around six million results. It’s no secret that more and more women are opting for styles that look polished even if they haven’t seen the inside of a salon in months.

Balayage and ‘the lob’ are two great examples of low-to-no maintenance hairdos that are continuing to trend with Irish women who want to add precious minutes to their morning routine. Unfortunately for us women who love to rock a fringe, we’ve yet to find a quick-fix for our ever growing tresses that require regular trims to stop your hair from looking dull and out of shape.

While my personal recommendation would be to visit your salon for a quick trim, not everyone has the time and instead chooses to ditch the appointment and play the dangerous game of a DIY job.

If you find yourself in a situation where you must forgo your appointment - follow my easy three-step technique, and you should hopefully avoid a complete hair disaster.

What you’ll need:
  • Round brush
  • Hair-dryer
  • Comb bobbin
  • Bobbin or grip
  • Scissors
  • Water spray
Step 1

Using your comb, section off your hair through the front into a triangle. Tie your hair with your bobbin, into a ponytail. At this point decide how much you want to take off; I took off an inch for the purposes of this tutorial.

Step 2

Dampen down your fringe by lightly spraying your comb using the water spray and comb your fringe forward, be sure not to completely wet the hair, or it might end up shorter than you anticipated.

Step 3

Elevate your fringe at a 45-degree angle. Gently twist the hair 360 degrees back towards your face and cut the excess below your index finger. Finish by blow-drying the fringe forward with your round brush.

If you want a sharp, even trim without the worry, it’s always worth keeping that appointment with your hairdresser.


Norma-Jean O’Reilly Senior Stylist, Brown Sugar South William Street

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