Kristen Stewart Balenciaga Florabotanica perfume ad: so wrong it's right?

My first reaction when I saw this perfume ad for Balenciaga's new perfume Florabotanica was - Holy Crap.

Kristen looks like she's just flown in from the set of Twilight after a heavy session of sucking blood and not getting enough sleep.  But maybe that's just me - because the reaction around the web is mixed.  The Twihards are loving it - while the rest of the world seems a little em, taken aback.

Kirsten's been wittering to WWD about perfumes - which she previously dismissed - she had never worn a perfume before this ad.  "It's like whoa" she said "Check me out".

Yes honey.  That's what happens with a good perfume - it makes you feel great.  Learning that they shot this advert deliberately as an "art project" to appeal to Kristens younger fans and deliberately avoided the blatant sexiness of most fragrance ads, gives the image much more context.  It's not run of the mill and I really do like that.


Loving the dress.  Loving the perfume bottle! Hating the hair and makeup.  Hating the makeup!

Think they've got it badly wrong?  Or is it so wrong it's right?

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