Kylie Jenner goes blonde and reminds us why we stay away from the bleach

My first experience of 'going blonde' was with a sachet of Sun-In. The next was with a box of bleach from the supermarket (you might remember it; it had a woman with short soccer mom haircut on the front), where you pulled sections of hair out through a granny's rain cap with a plastic instrument of torture.

Next, I got a proper salon highlight job for my 18th birthday and didn't top it up till about a year later leaving me with a 'do that could now be called balayage but back then was just really bad roots. Why? Because going to the salon for a dye job is an absolute pain. Kylie Jenner knows.

She spent alllll day at the hairdressers over the weekend getting her hair colour reversed, and documented it all on Snapchat so we could share her pain.

Can you guess the color? ? #NYFW

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While I always say that the time to experiment with hair colour is when you're Kylie's age, if I had all of those wigs at my disposable, I think I'd just pop one on when I felt like a colour change. What say you?

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