YSL Le Teint Touché Eclat review: blows all other foundations out of the water

I have a new favourite thing.

It is as pleasing to me as cats, pretending celebrities are my boyfriends (yep, plural. I dream big) and hummus put together.


The brand new Le Teint Touche Eclat foundation has ticked all my boxes and drawn little hearts around them.  We were at the launch of this new product (read first impressions here along with where and when to purchase and special sample offer) and I've been wearing it ever since.

To really win me over, a base needs medium to full coverage with a dewy finish and a shade range that caters to my off-white complexion. As a point of reference, I've previously had big fat sacks of grá for foundations that are pitched at mature skin, simply because they usually offer a more radiant finish.

Merit one, this comes in a whopping 22 shades - starting off with some genuinely pale- skin appropriate colours and ending with a couple shades for black skin. They've also gotten pretty nifty with their undertones, so you'll find something regardless of whether your skin is yellow, pink or neutral based.

The coverage is like nothing I've experienced. You can apply it very lightly to even out your complexion without having a visible trace of product. The luminous finish means that this just looks very natural and healthy when applied in this manner - think Proenza Schlouer's current summer lookbook.


If sheer isn't your cup of luxury foundation, don't dismiss Le Teint Touché Eclat just yet. You can apply another layer to get lessen the appearance of uneven pigmentation and blemishes. I felt comfortable without concealer or powder with just this thicker layer of foundation but, as greed is one of my prime traits, I still buffed some more foundation under my eyes and around my nose with a flat brush.

So, the level of coverage you get truly is up to you. Not only that, but this didn't freak out when I waited a few hours to add a second layer. In fact, it handled it quite nicely! If you're one of those people who have social lives and go from the office to the bar, this would be a great product to top up at the end of the working day.


I haven't been able to pick which method of application suits this best. To be honest, all ways used worked swimmingly - fingers, flat foundation brush, buffing brush, not a bother to any of 'em! Sidenote; YSL's flat foundation brush is a dreamboat of a make-up tool. I've been using Mac's 140 but the YSL offering blows it out of the water and, at 32, is almost a tenner cheaper. Result!

Despite being young enough to still sleep with the light on after too much Law and Order: SVU, I have some fine lines around my eyes and find that foundation tends to settle in 'em. ("You have WHITE in your WRINKLES!" - My lovely sister.) The exclusion of talc, silica and various bulking agents means that this  smooths over wrinkles, rather than settling and making them more apparent. For the most part, this works a charm - it's just right under my eyes that needs some blotting.

Alright, so can I fault it? Nope - and you know how good I am at picking holes in things. At €38, it's a surprisingly affordable product, when you consider the price of other luxury foundations.


It's blown every other foundation I own out of the water. Beaut.ies, go forth and get colour matched!

Read more about the launch dates here.

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