Let's Dish: Beauty Mistakes You're Glad You Made

In a blur of Monday this morning I managed to use conditioner on my legs instead of shaving foam. The fact that I was attempting to defuzz in the am at the beginning of the week is irrelevant (and another story for another time!) the results of that little error is the point. 

This beautiful mistake ensured that I had the smoothest, silkiest pins I'd ever had. Sure the conditioner wasn't as foamy as shaving stuff and a lot of it kinda slipped off but - yeah! I'm going to buy a 'special' cheapo conditioner, from the euro shop especially for the occasion.

alberto balsam

I've been trying out contouring these days. After stepping out looking like a member of the Cure quite a few times I think I've finally got the technique that suits me down. I'm glad I hit a few road blocks along the way. It made me keep on experimenting and now I can fake cheekbones and a chin!


Sometimes things go wrong and it's a good thing. We learn from our mistakes! Have you had any makeup disasters that were really a blessing in disguise? Let's dish!


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