Is letting your hair air dry causing it damage?

For most, drying your hair is one of women’s least favourite task. It is so much effort, and that is not even taking into account the women with hair extensions.

It can be so handy to leave your hair to air dry or even dry while you sleep. It saves, time, electricity oh and effort!

But does leaving your hair to air dry actually cause it more damage than it is worth?

Experts say yes. When hair gets wet is swells, the longer you leave it in this state the longer it will take to go back to its natural shape.

But haven’t we been told for years that heat can seriously damage your hair too? So, whats a girl to do?


First things first heat does damage your hair. Blow drying your hair on too high a setting can cause the hair to burn, dry out and even snap. If you choose to blow dry your hair make sure you have it at an appropriate heat for your hair and always use a heat protection spray.

One sure cardinal sin when it comes to hair care is showering before bed and leaving it to air dry. Experts say this is a massive no no.

If you do shower before bed, try to take as much moisture out of your hair as possible before going to bed. Sleeping on a silk pillow instead of cotton will also help beat the frizz and cause less breakage to your locks.

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