Why You Should Dry Your Hair With A T-shirt Instead Of A Towel

It may sound odd to you but trust me drying your hair with a t-shirt instead of a towel is a game-changer.


I first heard about t-shirt drying or 'plopping' as it's also known while researching the best ways to care for curly hair.

Like most people, I'd always used a towel to dry my hair and the concept of using a t-shirt seemed weird.

As I did more research I discovered that towel drying your hair can actually be quite damaging.

According to an article written by Dana Oliver at The Huffington Post, the "coarse texture" of towels can damage the hair shaft, thus weakening the hair.

Signs of hair damage which traditional towel drying can contribute to are dryness and frizziness, it can also make split ends worse.


How to start t-shirt drying

T-shirt drying is very simple, all you need is a cotton t-shirt you no longer wear or one you're willing to donate to the cause.

When you've finished washing your hair flip your head upside-down and use the t-shirt to absorb some of the excess water by gently scrunching it.


Next, while still in the same upside-down position put your hair through the head hole of the t-shirt and then standing up you can wrap the t-shirt up like you would a towel.


The Benefits

I've been using this technique for just over a month and I've noticed some significant differences to my hair.

Firstly, it's a lot easier to brush my hair out when wet. When I was using a towel my hair would get a lot of knots in it that were very difficult to get out but now brushing my hair is a breeze.

What used to take me about 5 minutes now only takes 1 or 2.

Secondly, my hair is a lot smoother and less frizzy. The frizziness of my hair is an on-going battle I have but switching to t-shirt drying has really helped.

Now I find that my hair only starts to get frizzy the third day after washing whereas previously it would look frizzy the next day.

Lastly, my curls look better and are more defined.



Would you ever consider switching to t-shirt drying your hair? 

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