Liking or Loathing? Rihanna's Neon Pink Shadow


Staring out from the cover of the Guardian Magazine last Saturday was a shot of Rihanna, complete with terrible scraggy looking hair-bits and yet, completely awesome eye makeup. Unusually, a shocking shade's been applied beneath her eyes, and it looks ace.

I suspect she gets away with the daring slap she wears because a) she's completely gorgeous and b) she has a fabulous skintone. Us pasty Irish people would probably resemble myxomatosis victims if we tried this, but just in case you think you can carry it off (pssst: you'll need a directional wardrobe and 'do as well), then here's what I reckon you should do.

  1. Apply a perfect, flawless base, concealing well and buffing foundation on with a good brush (I like MAC's 187) to get that all-important airbrushed finish
  2. Set your foundation with something lightly illuminating like Smashbox's Baked Fusion Softlights in Stardust, or a light-toned MAC Mineralize Skinfinish would work too.
  3. Eyes should be shaded all over with a nude tone that matches your skin - my pick is always Bobbi Brown Bone
  4. It looks to me like Rihanna's had a pale wash of well-blended taupe shadow applied to the the crease and then blended upwards
  5. To get your fuchsia looking smokey and not messy, firstly apply a bright pink shadow along the lower lashline with a shadow placement brush.  The shadow? Oh, I'd go for Make Up For Ever's matte shadow in Neon Pink, which you'll get at Arnotts and in the store on Clarendon street in Dublin. Other options can be found at Make Up Store (also Arnotts) and Inglot at Liffey Valley.  The brush I'd use for this would be a fairly small and firm-headed one, and I'd press and roll  the shadow in a fairly thin line just below the tear shelf
  6. Next, you'll need to blend, and to keep this looking clean and graphic, you'll need a squeaky-clean blending brush. Twirl it in tight, but soft, circular motions to smudge out your sharp line into something that's nicely blurred yet still bright. If you need to add more shadow up at the lashline, do, and then blend down again until you're happy with the intensity
  7. Lastly, add a few lashings of mascara and a nude lipgloss or lipstick. I'd leave cheeks pretty bare -  just a smidgen of a dusky pink blush is all that's required

So, what do you reckon? Is this look pretty in pink, or no?

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