Are lip masks really worth the money?

Lip masks have taken the beauty world by storm. But do they work? And more importantly, are they worth the money?

Lip masks are one of the latest buzzwords in beauty. After all, who wouldn't want full luscious lips? To be honest, we'll take any help we can get given how dehydrating winter time can be. But do you really need a lip mask, or is it a bit of a gimmick?

As we know, masks, in general, have had a bit of a comeback over the past couple of years. From the introduction of sheet masks and rubber masks to a lot of revamps of traditional formulas. Face masks in general, are definitely back in vogue. Also, eye patches are becoming more popular too. So, why not take it a step further? It makes sense that there would be ones specially formulated for lips, doesn't it?

Lip masks

What are lip masks?

There are different versions of lips masks, but fundamentally they are like miniature face masks. Some are thick and buttery, packed with nourishing oils and vitamins. Usually, these are designed to be used overnight. Others are like mini, lip-shaped sheet masks infused with serums to help hydrate and plump. And then there are the stick-on rubber style lip masks that are usually gel based (again, infused with serums, oils and vitamins).


Which you choose to use is down to preference really. Some people find a thick balm more comforting, whereas others like the speed of a sheet or gel masks. All have the same aim, which is to deliver targeted hydration for the delicate skin on our lips.

That little extra TLC


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Winter can be a brutal time of the year for your lips. ?? The cold weather has a very significant effect on our lips. When we go out in the cold, we take steps to cover the rest of our body, but our lips usually are exposed. Lips are a special type of skin that is thin and delicate – and so requires a little extra TLC ? Our lips dry out ten times faster than the rest of the skin on your face so it’s really important to use extra protection. This mask contains collagen, which is essential for the skin and it has anti-wrinkle effect. I use the mask whenever I need it. After I have cleaned and dried my lips, I put the mask on my lips and leave it for about 20-30 minutes. What I notice when I have the mask on, it is the lifting effect that it gives to my lips and after I have finished with it my lips are fully moisturized and they remain smooth for hours. ? The effect that a lip mask gives to your lips is bigger than the effect it gets from a lip balm, because the intensity of the mask is higher and it works deeper than the balm, because you have to apply the balm frequently during the day, while you can use the mask twice a week if you have sensitive or dry lips, or they are chapped. ???✨? #LipCare #ChappedLips #LicensedEsthetician #ProperHomeRegimen #HealthySkin #Beautiful #Moisturize #Hydrate #Cleanse #LoveYourself #SkipTheSpa #LipMask

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Are they worth it?

In general, we can't help thinking that a good old slathering of a normal lip balm or maybe even a bit of coconut oil might do the same thing for a lot less money. But, if you are someone who finds that regular lip balm just isn't cutting it anymore then a mask could be an option. They're designed for maximum hydration as well as helping lips to retain that moisture. If you're a smoker, one of the gel or sheet masks can help to reduce fine lines around the mouth too.

Masks that claim to make lips look bigger? I'm not so sold on those myself. Yes, when the skin around your mouth is hydrated as well as your lips you'll see an over all more plumped effect. But really, you could achieve something similar with a normal sheet mask and some added lip balm.


Ultimately, lip masks are kind of a "nice to have" rather than a "need to have" in our book. What do you think?

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