Late to bed? Keep on top of things with this one simple tip

Late nights are part and parcel of the holiday period. But if they're starting to catch up on you, we have an easy fix to banish puffiness and dark circles.

Late nights, mid-week drinks and socialising - it's all part of the festive season. When your routine is out of whack, all kinds of things can happen. Especially to your skin. Suddenly your complexion is looking lacklustre, dehydration lines appear from nowhere and dark circles start to form under your eyes. It's not the end of the world though, you can cheat the telltale signs of late nights with a few beauty tricks. After all, we'll all be back to drinking kale smoothies in January, right?

If you're used to going to bed at a reasonable time, being 'festive' (aka dancing all night and belting out Beyoncé tunes at the top of your lungs) can start to catch up with you. Here is our top tip for cheating those dark circles and dehydration lines.


Eye Patches

Soothing, hydrating and fast acting, we absolutely adore eye patches here at Beaut HQ. They're easy to use and can make a lot of difference in a short amount of time. Plus, there's very little effort involved in using them (always handy for a late night/early morning start combo).

Depending on which type you choose, simply pop them on before bed and when you wake up, you'll look like you've had your full 40 winks. Alternatively, apply them in the morning while you're making breakfast then remove before applying makeup. Some eye patches have added light reflective properties which can combat dark circles. But in general, the lightweight serum will help to make concealer application smoother, and also, stop any dry patches from appearing throughout the day too.

Are you a fan of eye patches too? Which are your favourites to use?

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