What are rubber sheet masks and should we be using them?

Rubber sheet masks are the latest Korean beauty import. But what are they? Are they any good? And should we be using them?

Rubber sheet masks are the latest Korean beauty craze to hit our shores. They've been popular in Korean skincare routines for over ten years. But, if we've learned anything, it is that where K-beauty leads, the rest of the world follows. Even if we're a little slow on the uptake.

So what exactly are rubber sheet masks? Weren't we just getting our heads around "normal" sheet masks? How do they differ? Is it all gimmick? Fear not, we've done the research, played guinea pig and tested them out to give you all the deets.

What are they?



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#Repost @kimskin_ with @repostapp ・・・ Tea tree Jellymask (Kim Skin es el primero en tener jelly mask en Mexico) Que es jelly mask? ?? El ingrediente principal es arginato (alginate), que reacciona con el cation, lo cual da resultado a una Jelly mask. La consistencia viscosa de la mascarilla hará una limpieza profunda que quitara las impurezas de la piel. Tambien hará que todas las cremas especiales Kim Skin entren por completo a tu piel, gracias a que la mascarilla no permitira que el oxígeno entre! Haz tu cita para una piel mejor✨ 33 1413 3072 #facial #koreanfacial #kimskin #relax #massage #jellymask #jellymasking #rubbermasking #modelingmask #esthemax_Mexico_team #??

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Rubber sheet masks are considered the next step up from a normal sheet or tissue mask. They set when applied to the skin and then can be peeled off. This means they are far less messy than traditional clay masks and a little more user-friendly than sheet masks. Rubber masks are commonly referred to as modelling masks too, though, as they resemble the look of artist's putty when applied. Another name you might have heard for them is jelly mask, which sums them up quite well.

What makes them better?

Rubber sheet masks are designed to create a barrier that will seal in nutrients and prevent them from evaporating. Essentially, the idea is that it will force feed our skin because the ingredients don't have anywhere else to go.


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I’m loving these new algae-based masks! They are applied in a jelly-like consistency and then harden and peel right off. They’re extremely occlusive and work by driving ingredients deep into the skin, making them the perfect addition to the end of any facial. These masks have a calming, cooling effect and can lower the skins temp by up to 6 degrees, so if you’re someone who gets red easily or just really wants to avoid any post-facial redness, these are a must. Covering the eyes and lips are optional, but it’s great because these bad boys can treat areas that most other masks cannot! This one here ??is the green mask for oxygenating & firming but I have a few that we can choose from based on what your skin needs. They also make a fabulous neck/décolleté treatment! #jellymask #gettheglow

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Do they work?


I've personally tested out three different ones now from different brands. Initially what can be a bit daunting is that you look like a melted candle... until it starts to set. But I have to admit, they have seriously impressed in terms of results, from deeper, longer lasting levels of hydration to bouncier skin and a clearer overall complexion. Rubber sheets masks really feel like the way forward.

Would you be tempted to try these new kinds of mask? Or do you prefer more traditional versions?

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