Why Vogue Williams is your makeup inspiration for 2019

If you feel like trying out something new or stepping outside the box, you could take inspiration from Vogue Williams with this different makeup look.

Makeup gets boring if you wear the same look over and over all the time. I think we are all guilty of getting stuck in a makeup rut and we can be forgiven. I mean not many of us have our own personal glam squad who are there to reinvent our look for every occasion. It's easy to find a look that you're comfortable with and just wear that each day. In fact, I think many of us wear the same look for day and night and just add a little bit of dark eyeshadow at the edges and a touch more bronzer for night time. Vogue Williams wore this different makeup look and it inspired me to bring a touch of colour into my makeup.

If you're one of many who are scared of colour this look is a great way to try it out. It's an ideal introduction to colour without going for a full blown blue smokey eye. Vogue's makeup artist just used a touch of blue eyeshadow with an otherwise neutral smokey eye.

You can see that for her eyeshadow they have just used a warm neutral brown colour on her eyelid. She is wearing liquid eyeliner and mascara to define the lashline. Sounds like your average smokey eye until you add the blue streak underneath! Blue is often branded as old-fashioned when in fact it can be really quite flattering. I think the trick with blue is not to overuse it. If you use it like Vogue's makeup artist did it will look really subtle and gorgeous.

Vogue Williams


From a distance, you wouldn't even know she was wearing blue eyeshadow. This blue touch is so subtle but when you see it up close it really makes Vogue's brown eyes stand out.

Would you let your glam squad try out this makeup look on you?

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