The major fact about makeup sponges you need to know

Makeup sponges are the makeup applicators of choice right now, but they come with a silent warning

Up until very recently, my fingers were my exclusive makeup tools. I would use brushes for my eyes and brows, but for everything else, it was the faithful six: the ring, middle and point fingers on each hand. The thing that creeped me out about foundation brushes was how dirty they get instantly. I'm no clean-freak, by the way; I wasn't sold because I knew I'd have to clean them all the time and I'm just too lazy for that.

When I discovered a quick and easy way to clean them, though, I became a brush convert - for about a month. Perfecting a foundation and concealer technique with brushes takes time. Once you've got it down, it's so worth it, but I do not have time for that. I mean, I do. I have as much time as the next woman, except I choose to take off every last scrap of my makeup when I get home after a long day and watch Netflix. The last thing I want to do is practice doing my makeup.

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The Original

That's why the Beauty Blender was a Godsend for me. I think makeup sponges really are the easiest way to achieve as flawless-looking a base as you can in real life. It's way easier to clean, too, if you make sure to every time you use it. It takes seconds.


But, did you know, makeup sponges have a shelf-life? No matter how vigilant you are at cleansing after application, you will never be able to remove all the makeup, and it will build up inside. This not only decreases the effectivity of the sponge, it increases the risk of breakouts because bacteria will be living there.

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It doesn't matter if it's the original Beauty Blender, the version from Real Techniques (my fave) or Penneys' own, you should always get rid of yours after one month.

It may seem like a short period of time for a beauty tool that can be quite expensive. But it's better value than a five-day a week morning coffee on the way to work, though. Replace your blender once a month, and your face will thank you for it. Maybe cut down on the caffeine, too.


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