Make like Meghan Markle and say goodbye to heavy, over the top makeup

We really love Meghan Markle's natural makeup look. We reckon it's not too much, not too little, just enough

Here at we embrace natural makeup and everything that goes with it. It is about time we all begin to love ourselves and every inch of the skin we are in. Plastering our faces in makeup, tempting as it is sometimes, is not the way of the future.


There is an art in perfecting the natural makeup look and Meghan Markle has it down to a T. Using very little makeup, you can define your eyes and make them stand out. You can make your skin look perfect and give yourself cheekbones that look naturally contoured. Add a touch of a moist nude lip for a beautiful, healthy-looking makeup look.

You can actually make your skin look perfect with just a little foundation. Something like MAC Face and Body gives long-lasting sheer coverage. Meghan uses just enough to even out her skin tone but you can still see her skin, freckles and all, coming through. If you have spots, try spot-concealing. The technique involves using tiny amounts of a good coverage, cream concealer like the Balm Time Balm Concealer, on problem areas and then blending it into your skin. It's the best way to blur imperfections without applying a mask of makeup over them.

We think less is the new more and a natural makeup gives a more youthful appearance. What do you think of Meghan's natural look?

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