Step-by-Step Picture Guide: A subtle green makeup nod to St Patrick's Day

It's the biggest day of the Irish calendar tomorrow and we want to wear a little green. It's not always the most flattering colour so here's how to wear a subtle green makeup look.

On Saint Patrick's Day, we wear green. In fact, people the whole world over wear green. It's a day for the Irish to be proud. I love to wear some green to show some solidarity. In the past, I have worn green lips and shamrocks on my cheeks but this year I'm going with a subtle green eyeshadow look.

I have used products from the Balm, Penneys and NOTE Cosmetics to create the looks. Here is a picture of the eyeshadow palettes so you can see the colours I have used throughout the makeup.

foiled again

The Balm Foiled Again Eyeshadow palette €34

NOTE Professional eyeshadow set 103

NOTE Professional eyeshadow set 103 €14.95

Step One

Start with a clean base, I applied the Balm Time Balm concealer in shade light all over the lid and set it with Penneys Insta Girl Flash Photo Powder.

Step Two

Unmasked in crease I'm using the Balm Foiled Again eyeshadow palette. I blended shade Unmasked into my socket with my Blank Canvas E10 brush.

Step Three

seized in crease

I used a smudger brush to apply Seized just into the crease line.

Step Four

blend crease


Blend seized into the crease to add definition.

Step Five

gold on lid 2

I used a mixture of Red Handed, Mayhem and Busted to create a golden shimmer on my eyelid.

Step Six

cut lower wing

I used my NIMA concealer brush with some Time Balm concealer to carve under my eye. This is where I am going to put my green Paddy's day winged eyeshadow underneath.

Step Seven

green wing

subtle green wing

I used the lightest olive green shade from my NOTE Professional eyeshadow palette 103. I used my smudger brush to sweep this under my eye and finish with a sharp tail. Then I put the darkest green eyeshadow in my waterline as liner.

Step Eight
finished subtle green look eye open

Apply lots of mascara; I used the Balm Mad Lash mascara to coat my lashes.


What do you think? Would this do for your Paddy's Day eye makeup look or is it a bit to tame?

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