Mavala Showtime Collection: Sparkle-icious! Plus, What Are You Wearing On Your Nails Right Now?!

Mavala Showtime collection


Ok, quick poll time. Hands up if you're sporting some seasonally sparkly talons? So that's, ooh, about 80% of us, I reckon. And huzzah! I've even MORE glittery festive loveliness for you today!  Dinky, twinkly, and lots and lots of fun, the new Showtime collection from Mavala is well worth hunting down. Available from chemists nationwide, this collection of six twinkly Mavala Minis is limited edition so if you want to get your mitts on them you’d better be fast.

Mavala Showtime

The best bit? Like all Mavala Minis, these are just €3.77 each! For that you get 5ml of colour – a size you at least have a fighting chance of finishing before it goes all gloopy on you. These are a fab little stocking stuffer – and for more great ideas under a fiver, check out our beaut.ienomical gift guide.

Mavala Showtime Swatches

Now if I had one teeny tiny complaint, it would be about the unimaginative shade names – these six little stunners are called Sparkling Silver,  Sparkling Gold, Sparkling Red, Sparkling Bronze, Sparkling Violet and Sparkling Blue (and from left to right, that's the order they're swatched in, too. You're welcome!).  But hey, they’re named, not just numbered, so maybe I should count my blessings and get back to admiring the sparkles.


Mavala Showtime

 L-R: Sparkling Bronze, Sparkling Violet, Sparkling Silver

Because the base is transparent, you get the best result when you layer these over a coloured polish. I’ve used three thick coats here for swatching purposes and they haven't reached opacity – though that gold, blue and bronze are getting close!

Mavala Showtime

L-R Sparkling Blue, Sparkling Red, Sparkling Gold

So tell me, do you have a favourite? Me, I’m torn between Sparkling Red and Bronze -what’s your pick of the bunch? Oh, and go on, tell us - what are you wearing on your nails RIGHT NOW?!


Check out this post for some more of my sparkly seasonal faves!

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