Micellar Water: The good, the bad and the ugly

There are many mixed opinions about micellar water out there. It's certainly debatable whether it is good or bad for skin health.

As a big fan of micellar water and a regular user of this super quick and easy cleanse - I am in favour. Micellar water has always been a go-to product at fashion week. The models insist that it is the only cleanser used on their precious, money-making skin. There is something to be said for their endorsement of the product.

cult-classic-bioderma micellar water

The model's case for loving micellar water, as I learned at Paris Fashion Week, was that it doesn't clog pores or leave residue on their skin. They felt it cleans their skin as water would with no sticky residue left over. Again, that's debatable, as you will know if you use micellar water it can leave a slightly tacky texture on your skin. But I agree with the models. My skin feels great after using it, it feels clean and clear. While there may be a residue, it doesn't feel like it sits in your pores as a cream or a milk might do.

The Cons:

  • Micellar water can contain bad ingredients like alcohol, fragrances and preservatives.
  • It is said to just move dirt and grime around on your skin rather than actually removing it.
  • It doesn't provide a thorough cleanse.

The Pros:

  • It's fast and easy to use.
  • It removes all makeup.
  • There is no greasy residue left behind.

The solution is clear to me. Use micellar water as a first step in a double cleansing routine. Choose one that has good ingredients in it (this means paying a little bit more for a good one). French brands can generally be trusted - they invented the stuff after all - 'eau micellaire'. Also, it is definitely better than using wipes and it's a better option than sleeping with your makeup on. So if it's a choice between wipes, sleeping in full makeup or using micellar water, I will be choosing the latter. Here are three good 'uns that you can rely on not to damage your skin.



uriage thermal micellar water for intolerant skin

Thermal Micellar Water €15


Nuxe Micellar water

Micellar Water €16


avene cleanance


Cleanance Micellar Water €18.95

Are you a fan of micellar waters or do you steer clear?

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