Two Steps, One Product: The Easy Way to Cheat A Healthy, Springtime Glow

Multi-tasking products are a god send for anyone who is tight on time, especially in the mornings. If (like us) you're more interested in coffee than make-up when the alarm goes off, this simple trick for giving skin a healthy, springtime glow is for you! 

Nothing says fresh skin quite like a bit of a flush on cheeks and one of the quickest, easiest ways to do that, is by using a moisturising lipstick as a blusher. And we've found one that is perfect for the job.

Ellen is wearing LOVful Shine & Care lip stylo in Barcelona (cheeks & lips)

Regular readers will know that we're big fans of L.O.V Cosmetics here at Beaut, and while previously we've talked about their great concealers this time it's all about the LOVful Shine and Care Lip Stylo (€9.95). The reason why we love these so much is simple; they're light, compact, apply beautifully and give a sheer wash of moisturising colour - meaning no need to worry about looking like Aunt Sally.


When used as a blusher, the Lip Stylos give skin a dewy finish that catches the light to make skin look healthy and fresh. In the pictures you can see my model Ellen wearing "Barcelona" on both lips and cheeks. There are 9 other shades in the collection (ranging from nude to petal pink to red) but I chose that one in particular because I reckon it's a shade a lot of people would shy away from; to look at, it's bright Orange but when applied, it's much softer.

The trick when it comes to application, is to tap this on cheeks before powdering your base. To blend, keep tapping the product lightly with your ring finger rather than rubbing (as this will rub off your foundation) and voila, you've got your flush of colour.




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