Murad Pore Extractor Pomegranate Mask is on a mission to reduce enlarged pores

The Murad Pore Extractor Pomegranate Mask won't perform miracles, but you will see a difference to your skin

I have always struggled with my skin growing up. But, finally, after years of finding the right product and treatments, and being consistent with looking after it, I have it under control. Somewhat under control. I fully accept that because of the skin type I have, it will never be perfect. What I have learned in the last year, however, is that the only way to make enlarged pores appear smaller is to keep them as clean as possible. This involves constant work. Cleansing, exfoliation, making sure creams aren't too heavy and pore-clogging. It's a process.

Recently I tried out Murad's new mask, designed to rescue clogged pores and reveal smoother skin. It's aimed at those with oily to combination skin to reduce shine and improve skin texture. I trust Murad; it's a genuinely brilliant skincare range that really aims to solve problems, and every member of Team Beaut uses at least one Murad product in her skincare routine.

Pore reduction is one hell of a job, though. Can a mask really help?

How it Works

The mask's main purpose is exfoliation. It's formulated with clay that helps draw out impurities and lactic acid polishing beads that refine the cleansed pores. Pomegranate extract fights inflammation and leaves your skin with a facial-like glow.


It's easy to use. You simply apply on a clean skin. I prefer to use it just after a hot shower as my pores are always most open then. Leave it on for 10 minutes and then add a small amount of warm water to your hands and gently massage into the skin to exfoliate. It can be used up to three times a week depending on your skin type (oily or combination).

Murad- Pore Extractor Pomegranate Mask €35

Murad Pore Extractor Pomegranate Mask €39.99 from Littlewoods Ireland


It's rather pricey, but this pore cleansing mask is worth every penny if you ask me and quickly becoming one of my favourite pore minimising go-to's. You will get good use out of it as you don't have to use an awful lot of product and you don't have to apply it to your entire face - just apply it to the affected areas. From the first use, I noticed a reduction in the size of my pores and my skin just looked and felt clean and glowy. After a few uses, blackheads started to disappear. I think it would be suitable for sensitive skin, too. Murad strikes again!

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