The must-have product that waterproofs any mascara

Hot weather = smudgy mascara. But why limit yourself to only waterproof mascara options, when you can make any mascara waterproof instead?

We've found the clever product that does just that.


I'm baking...

Now, I don't want to alarm you, but the recent warm weather has increased the panda population of Ireland somewhat. And that's down to our mascara (along with the rest of our makeup) melting down our faces. Seriously, it's been roasting, hasn't it? I think we can all agree; panda eyes are gorgeous. On pandas. They aren't quite as cute on us.


clarins double fix mascara

Enter then, our must-have product, Clarins Double Fix (€21.50 in Arnotts). This clever clear gel instantly waterproofs any mascara meaning you don't have to change from your regular one to a waterproof one. Simply apply your favourite formula as normal and then add a layer of this over it to seal it for the day. Do that, and you can wave bye-bye to smudges, fading and crumbling, huzzah!

Of course, we know it isn't just warm weather that can cause mascaras to run. Clarins Double Fix is also ideal for brides (and guests) who might shed a tear or two during the ceremony. For now, though, it's helping us to keep our makeup in check, so we can forget about our faces and simply enjoy the glorious weather.

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