Naomi Campell has the best selling celebrity fragrance range in Europe. Bet you didn't see that one coming

A spookily airbrushed Naomi for Cat Deluxe with Kisses. A sweet scent for a sweet lady

It was the question that sparked a zillion guesses. Here's the answer. The celeb who has the best selling fragrance range in Europe is ... Naomi Campbell.

Yep, you could have knocked me down with a feather too. The main reason that it's so surprising I think is that her fragrances are not even sold in Ireland and that's why she doesn't spring to mind for us. The bad tempered supermodel is huge in Eastern Europe though and that's what's doing the trick. They love her perfumes in Germany, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Herzegovina and the like.


Naomi has a dozen perfumes in her personal wardrobe (click here for a list) and she's been selling them for well over a decade. Of course, knowing Naomi she has even manged to get sued over one of her fine fragrances back in the nineties.

Now listen if you want to disagree here I'll get some one over to hit you round the head with a mobile phone. Righ?

When we asked you last week who you thought had the best selling fragrance range in Europe we got literally thousands of guesses. But only a couple of right answers.

The tombola spun and the winner is... Sweetie! Send us your mail address ([email protected]) and your goodie bag shall wing its way out to you!

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