How to naturally brighten blonde hair

It is a great feeling to have freshly coloured hair - fresh highlights that haven't been washed yet.

Then for some, the brightness of their blonde starts to fade. It can be frustrating, especially when you don't know what is causing it to fade and you have just paid a pretty penny to have it done.

Well, don't worry we have some simple tips to naturally brighten blonde hair.

Did you know that honey is a natural lightening agent? Mix equal parts honey and oil (it can be any carrier oil) and apply generously to your hair. The oil will nourish your hair as the honey naturally brightens it. Wrap the hair up in a shower cap and leave for 30/40 minutes.

Baking soda

Baking soda is great for stripping the hair of any chemical build-up. Used once a week, it will naturally brighten up your blonde hair. Bring it into the shower with you and sprinkle it over your hair, massaging it in until it becomes a paste. Wash it out and be sure to lather with conditioner - baking soda can be very drying on the hair and scalp.

How to naturally brighten blonde hair



Stop daily shampooing

Shampooing strips the hair of its natural oils and strips the hair of its pigment which quickly fades blonde hair. Try to only shampoo twice a week and use a good dry shampoo in between washes. A good quality purple shampoo will help to stop your locks from fading too.

Check your water

Another easy way to stop your blonde from fading is to think about the water you are using to wash it with. Is your water particularly hard? Hard water contains a plethora of colour stripping minerals like calcium, magnesium etc. If so, investing in a filter for your shower head may just change your life.



Another way to brighten up your hair is to keep it hydrated. Less is not more when it comes to hydrating blonde hair. Use a generous amount of conditioner and if you can find a good quality leave-in conditioner, use that too.un

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