The new mascara that outperforms the most popular mascara in the world

I've been meaning to write about this mascara for ages but Christmas mayhem took over. Now, I've got the perfect opportunity.

Mascara is important to Team Beaut, and readers of We all know what a good mascara can do, but then again, we all have different preferences. Some crave volume, others long for length. I want one that won't clump and one that will lift and volumise my lashes without me having to do anything else. I loathe the thought of adding a mascara serum to my already ridiculous skincare routine, and my eyelash curlers broke ages ago and getting a replacement seems futile now.

Teen Vogue informed me a few weeks ago that Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara is the best selling mascara in the world. I've tried it and think it's very good. Users agree that it tackles pretty much all a mascara wearer's needs: it plumps and lenghtens and is the blackest of black shades.

The hourglass-shaped wand - meant to resemble Marilyn Monroe's curves - remind me of LOV's new mascara, which, incidentally, I also like, except, for me it's a little too wet. At €9.99, LOV's version appeals to me more than the popular Too Faced, which you can find for €23 in Debenhams.


Neither of those is my new mascara obsession, however. The mascara that I have grown to really love, is new from Maybelline, the latest addition to the The Falsies line. I'm a fan of The Falsies anyway, but the Push Up Drama Mascara is very, very good. I stumbled across it by accident (in Beauty Ed Aisling's haul) and it lives in my desktop makeup box for sh*t, I forgot my makeup bag emergencies.

I used it a few times without noticing how good it was - it was simply a quick fix for those moments - but I then came to notice how much wider my eyes looked when it was on. It really does curl all the way up, it separates lashes but doesn't clump. I also love the packaging; it's solid and slightly futuristic; the design is very clever in that the bottom end is very easy to hold.

For me, it's perfect, and at €11.99, you can't afford not to try it, too

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