New Scents on the Block: Eau de Gaga, YSL Black Opium

We talk a lot about the changes to our cosmetics kits and to our wardrobes at this time of year. We're reaching for boots (knee highs are back and thigh high is trying to get noticed), dark berry lipsticks and the electric blanket switch.

But one thing that I always change as we come into the darker months is my scent. I'm not talking about gobbling pheromone-altering substances here, but more so about the perfume variety. See, I am a fan of the floral - light, girly, think something that Laura Ingalls from Little House on the Prairie might wear as she galloped through the meadow if she shopped in Saks Fifth Avenue as opposed to Oleson's.

My favourites are scents like Lancôme's 'La Vie set Belle' and Roses de Chloé. I know, I know - rose scents can make some people feel like they are hanging out with Granny while battling a raging rose-induced headache. And I am sorry for sitting next to those people on the bus.

But as the evenings draw in (see, I am channelling all the grannies) I want something that's a bit heavier. And there are two new scented kids on the block.


The first is the new scent from the Monster Mama that is Lady Gaga. The name put me off immediately - Eau de Gaga. I dislike the idea of celebrity perfumes. I can't give you the logic, I just don't want to smell anything like Lady Gaga.

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The perfume itself is so heavy that it's almost unisex - leather, citrus, wood and a faint floral note. If you like to share scents with your fella, this might be one for you. And there is no raw meat note involved whatsoever.

This will hit shelves this month, with 30ml Eau de Parfum costing €25.95, and 50ml €33.95.


The second new arrival is YSL's Black Opium. I wasn't a fan of the original Opium, it was too spicy and warm for me. But this new version, I like. It mixes white floral, vanilla, coffee (three of my favourite things) with that warm spice note. If you are a fan of florals but want something with a bit of bite and depth for Winter, I'd spray test one of these.

This bottle is on shelves today, with 30ml setting you back €58, 50ml €79 and 90ml, €104.


Now if you'll excuse me, I have an electric blanket to find in the attic.

Do you change up your scent for AW? Is there an old-reliable you return to year after year? And is there any floral-with-bite dupe I should know about? To the comments!

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