Office Appropriate: What's Good for Nails?

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While makeup's probably best kept sedate if you work in a very businessy environment, nails are something you can be a little more adventurous with, according to Kate Verling of Mink.  Based mainly in their business-tastic Ballsbridge location, Kate says the salon sees a lot of office gals darkening their doors, and they've clocked some definite trends as a result. "A lot of our client base would be mainly in the banking and investment sector around the area, and they seem to be more daring each week," she says.

This summer’s trends are definitely bright and punchy, inspired by Essie’s 09 Neon Collection, Kate advises. Anything else worth talking about? "We're noticing a strong element of coral colours like OPI’s Cajun Shrimp and On Collins Avenue as well as super-bright pinks and plum colours. OPI’s Miami Beet is insanely popular!," she says, adding, "all of which seem to be deemed ‘appropriate’ for office wear!"

So if that's in with business women, then it begs the question: what's out?


Lengthy, French-style gels and acrylics are dipping in popularity. But why? "I think people want to go back natural!," reckons Kate. So if long and plastic is out, what's in style-wise amongst Ballsbridge's hard working gals? Mini-manis that take no longer than 30 minutes and short squoval nails are firmly on the Mink agenda, along with those neons, brights and berries.

But what if you're not into bubblegum shades or you really can't get away with much in your office? Kate's observed that the swing in that case is towards the very on-trend nude nail. "If they feel the bright shades are too much they tend to go completely nude or natural rather than French. OPI’s Tickle my Francy or Bubblebath are both hugely popular for work," she advises.

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