Origins A Perfect World BB SPF15 Age-Defense tinted moisturizer with White Tea

Origins A Perfect World White Tea Tinted Moisturizer BB Cream


The jury's out on whether this is actually a BB cream or a tinted moisturiser - with my tube, the 'BB' bit has been added on by sticker! But whatever it is, it's got a lot going for it - six available shades, antioxidants,SPF15, decent moisture levels and a lovely light citrussy scent, just for starters.

Lots of BBs and tinted moisturisers fall down on hydration, but that's not the case here. With the inclusion of trehalose - a natural plant sugar with water-binding properties -  this is a decent moisturiser and I wore it over serum, foregoing my regular day cream.

 Origins A Perfect World BBSPF15 Age-Defense tinted moisturizer with White Tea


Coverage is sheer but the natural mineral pigments here work more by softly blurring imperfections, instead of covering them up. The shade I was sent, medium, looked too orangey at first but once blended it adds just a touch of warmth and gives a nice healthy glow.

The downside? Price. At €35.50, this is at the higher end of the market.  If you're on a budget, very pale or prefer a more polished finish, I'd probably direct you elsewhere.

But if you're after something that is nicely hydrating, blurs imperfections and creates a warm beachy glow, then bob's your uncle. For warmer weather I'm liking this a lot - and it's coming with me in my suitcase next weekend.


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