Own a million and one lippies? You need this lipstick organiser in your life

If you need a lipstick organiser we have found brilliant ones on Amazon.

If, like me, you have about fifty lipsticks in each handbag and they are all over your dressing table in a variety of holders a lipstick organiser will be the best thing that happened to you. There are loads to choose from, so have a browse and pick one that goes with your vanity area. I have picked my top three.

This is my favourite one, for purely practical reasons. Makeup holders get dirty and dusty and the small compartments are difficult to clean, so I love that this has a dust guard lid. This one works out at €22.04 with postage and packaging to Ireland.

The next one has deep compartments so you could insert your lipsticks upside down, that way you can see the colour written on the bottom. When will cosmetic companies learn to colour code lipsticks so that you can find your desired colour at a glance in your makeup bag? This lipstick organiser comes in at €26.76 with postage and packaging to Dublin.


discoball acrylic lipstick organiser 14.95

There is a full range of black acrylic makeup organisers too if you don't want to opt for see-through. On the upside, black means you can't see the mess that might be inside but it will probably show up dust quicker. This is €22.04 delivered to Ireland.

Beatify lipstick organiser with lid black 8.99

How do you organise your makeup?

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