What Perfume Are You Wearing RIGHT NOW!

Online dating questionnaires have got nothin' on how we beauts know each other. We've peeked into makeup bags, rummaged through our virtual wardrobes and supported each other through the revelations about our collective and gruesome cosmetic mistakes of yore.

And today we shall wade into smelly waters. Not like going skinny dipping in the Liffey you understand, but more like a sniffy snapshot - tell us, what perfume are you wearing RIGHT NOW?!

I'm going to divide the masses because I am liberally spritzed in Chloé's 'Roses de Chloé'.

chloe rose


This is a not-overly-girly rose, light and floral with amber and musk notes. Now, it's certainly no bang of granny rose like you'll get from something like the Úna Brennan Hydrating Mask. But if you're not a fan of rose AT ALL, and many of you aren't, then you might not want to sit beside me on the bus.

So tell us, what did you spritz this morning? Are you a fan of light and feminine fragrances or do you prefer something with deeper notes? Or maybe you do a Marilyn and sleep in Chanel No. 5 and nothing else? And now that Spring has officially arrived, are you one of those organised ladies who switches up her perfume as the seasons change? Share with us in the comments!

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