How to stop picking at spots (because you know you should)

Picking spots is a bad habit get to get into. But it's even harder to get out of. We've finally learned how to stop!

Picking spots isn't something anyone is usually proud of, but most of us do it. Let's be honest - it's a really common bad skin habit. The truth is, we all know we shouldn't poke and prod at our skin, but it's very hard not to. The outcome is rarely what we hoped it'd be. At best it can make the skin a bit red, at worst it can break the skin and even double the size of the offending face monster.

So, how do you stop?

Have perspective

Most of us have a tendency to think that our skin is worse than it actually is. We can be too hard on ourselves. If the blemish in question was transferred to your friend's face, would you recoil in horror? Or would you tell them you barely noticed it? If it's the latter, leave it alone - it'll go away as quickly as it came up.

Hormonal break outs


These can be tough going, we know. Unfortunately, hormonal spots are usually deeper under the surface of the skin, red, sore and generally just pretty nasty. Picking spots like these inevitably makes them worse though, so try to leave them alone. If it's really bothering you though, you can reduce swelling and redness with a cube of ice, which will help to make it less obvious.

Blemish dots

If you're guilty of "checking" the progress of your spots (ie touching your face a lot while watching TV) then a blemish dot could be a great option. They are one of the easiest ways to stop yourself from touching spots and potentially spreading bacteria.

My favourites are from Skyn Iceland, they contain salicylic acid and work really well as an overnight treatment. Even though they're technically clear, they also manage to help conceal redness (don't know how, but I'm not going to argue with the results!).

Cover up

Concealer, our dear old friend comes to the rescue again! For a run of the mill blemish, your normal concealer will work perfectly. For a particularly red or angry spot try using a more yellow toned concealer which will help neutralise the colour underneath. If you can see the spot, it isn't there right?


Are you a little guilty of picking spots too?

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