This is why sugar is the devil for your skin

Sugar is the devil for your skin. It should be the first thing you try to cut out on your journey to perfecting your skin.

There are lots of things that wreak havoc on your skin. For some of the lucky ones, you can eat what you want, neglect to drink water and use a bar of soap on your skin to no effect. However, for the rest of us, what we put into our bodies greatly affects how our skin looks on the outside. The food you fuel your body with can change the appearance of your skin. Again, for some, it will have a more noticeable effect than for others. If you are prone to acne or any form of eczema, psoriasis or other skin conditions you might find you are even more prone to the effects from certain foods. Sugar is right up there as possibly the worst culprit for your skin.

sugar is the devil for your skin

So why is sugar so bad for your skin? It attacks it in a few different ways and can speed up your skin's ageing process (never good news). It also causes inflammation in the skin and increases the appearance of spots and blemishes.


Inflammation caused by sugar damages the collagen and elastin that's in your skin. Why is this bad? Well, damaging your skin is never good but collagen stores are not endless. So once you damage the remaining collagen in your skin you are essentially speeding up the ageing process. Collagen is what keeps your skin plump and firm and smooth. Our collagen levels begin to deplete from the age of 25. That means we don't need to damage them any more if we can help it.

The sugar devil also causes inflammation in our skin. Inflammation can look like anything from puffy and swollen skin to red and blotchy looking skin. It's also thought to contribute greatly to acne and breakouts. So if you suffer with your skin and you are prone to acne cutting out sugar from your diet or at least reducing it could be a good idea. A diet consisting of a good balance of protein, lean meat, fish and vegetables along with plenty of water could have lots of benefits for your skin. So do your skin a favour and cut back on the devil's foods and get back to basics with lots of unprocessed foods.

Do you notice a difference when you cut back on the amount of sugar in your diet?

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